Blue Lou's Reports From the Road

   So,it begins anew..... what with Rukus winding down,and Marci Mitchell Band
winding up,I didn't have too much time to takes a lot of work to
get a project off the ground from scratch. There are literally hundreds
of details....some are obvious...where are we gonna play,which kind/how much
PA gear are we gonna need,what are we gonna haul it in,do we have backup,
what about accidents/breakdowns,what's it cost/where do we get lighting,
do we need a website,(yes,to that one!) what are we going to wear....yada yada...

   Notice,we haven't even mentioned the MUSIC yet!
After all,none of the above counts for much,if you don't have good material,
and skilled people to perform it.....
   ...which is where hard work and a little luck come into play.
We've had plenty of both,from the git-go.....

   When Marci left Nevada for the Guitar Town. . . .frankly,I had misgivings.
Fresh out of school,she piled her clothes & guitar into the Jeep,and took off.
Just like that. Didn't know a soul in Nashville, got a job tending bar......
it had all the makings of a sad movie on Lifetime.
   But folks down there recognized her talent,(just like I had)
and then the lucky part....she was able to meet some great writers,
and production people,and collect a batch of material good enough
to commit to tape. Some hers,some theirs,but all of it worth the time
needed to bring it to life.
   Now comes the hard work part!
   We've been rehearsing steadily since mid-September,and played a
couple local things....mostly just waiting for Leah to get done with school.
Now that she's all set,we're GOING THERE!!!!

   These pages will be a running record/commentary on what happens next........

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