Blue Lou's Reports From the Road

   Update---We couldn't make the sheriff's office,but he cooked supper for us anyway--
didn't have as much time as originally planned,owing to getting the door lock
on the van fixed.....the food was great---he even sent venison sausage with us,
for later.....Mickey is planning stroganoff........mmmMMMMmmmm,stroganoff..........
   Marci got to sit in on a morning radio show today....the DJ drew her into song intros,
and spoke with her about writing,etc....and played 'Heart Full of Love'...
several people said they came out as a result---sold several CD's.
We're gettin' the word out,a few people at a time.........
   Reporting from Superior,WI......
We spent another week in Mandan,and sold several more CD's...
after loading up Sunday night,while driving to the motel,Marci
noticed the van's water temp was way high--stopped to check it out,
and found the radiator very low.Went to Wal-Mart, got anti-freeze &
dumped it in,but couldn't find any leakage.....hmmmmm.
Nothing else to do but go on,and hope for the best.
Sheriff Bob cooked a turkey for us on our final day in town,a Monday---
it couldn't have been easy,I mean,the guy's got a life,and a high-profile
job in the bargain.BTW,the venison stroganoff was quite good.......
   Fred noted that we would pass a radio station in Jamestown on our way
to the casino in Mahnomen,MN,and dug up the info we needed to find them.
We stopped in,(after calling ahead the previous day) and they were friendly,
gracious,even. Marci signed a pic,and handed over a CD,which they promised
to give a good listen. Next stop.....
   Mahnomen,The Shooting Star Casino
   Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this gig was the stage itself.....
it's above the bar...
   We had family and friends along for this one,all wanting to soak up the
glitzy/LasVegasy/Easy Money vibe...Greg arrived 1st,driving Chris's car,
which turned out to be a boon---ya see,the van was still losing water,
and still no visible sign of it.Marci took it to a local guy,who fixed a small
glitch in the fanbelt assembly,but suspected larger problems were causing
the  mysterious disappearing  water phenomenon......he was right.
The dealership in Detroit Lakes charged just over $400 to replace
a headgasket,but couldn't say how much damage might have been caused by
water leaking into the oil.Again,nothing to do but go on,and hope for the best.
Faith is invaluable while on The Road.....
Too bad it's no help at the gaming table!!
   However,The Road is never all good or bad,even if it seems that way at times.
F'rinstance,while van repair is scary & expensive---had we not gone to Mahnomen,
we wouldn't have seen Sammy Kershaw's show there.  The day of the show,
Chris went down to their soundcheck,and networked the crew---
resulting in comp tickets for everyone! COOL!!!!

   As you can see,Sammy didn't mind our taking photos----not  so,the casino.
Greg was snapping away the 1st night,and was informed in no uncertain terms
it wasn't allowed.Huh...? Dave,the sound guy,had a chat with Security,and
Greg was able to shoot a few more.
   Later in the week,T wanted to shoot the band,and so I went to a security
guy myself,and was sent up the food chain to his boss,then HIS boss,
until somebody finally said OK,but only 10 minutes.....and they posted a GUARD,
(I'm not joking)to oversee the  process.
   It struck me as a tad paranoid........ strike that,a lot paranoid.Whatever ....

   The weekend was made complete by a large group of Canucks,a club made up
of college-age guys.....their t-shirts said 'Survivors',and had names written in....
they loudly demanded that we play 'The Gambler'. Saturday,we did so,and
they sang with gusto!! Considering the amount of beer consumed,they were
 rather well-behaved,actually......

   The van wasn't ready until Monday,but the drive over to Superior was
a short one,comparatively......
   While at a gas stop,Greg bought Minnesota lotto tix for Marci & himself.....
and she won 20 bucks!!!!  Oh, the irony.....
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