Blue Lou's Reports From the Road

April 9th,'03
Reporting from home....
   After Superior,we tore down the stage & drove straight home..
everyone was ready for it. During the previous couple of weeks,it had
become clear that Mickey/Marci Mitchell Band weren't a good match--
this had nothing to do with his skills;it was one of those cases where
personalities just don't gel,as it were. He finished out the gig like a pro,
and rode back to Nevada,where he picked up his van.
To fill the spot,we brought in Mike Vertrees,from Bowling Green,KY.
He'd been playing in rock bands most of his career,but had just finished a stint
with a commercial country group,and it was decided to bring him onboard.
He had rec'd the CD earlier,from our agent,and seemed pretty well prepped
on it,so we worked the few available days on dance material....and took off
for .....
   Jackpot Junction,Morton,MN
   This gig,in my view,was our 1st unqualified success.True,the first day we
didn't know what to make of it...our contact/lightman was nowhere to be found,
but we pretty much took it in stride,got set up,and it worked out fine.
The help turned out to be good folks all around.The first two days,
we had James & Mitch,a pair of of young guys,doing lights--they
were friendly types,so the second day,I asked them to petition
the powers-that-be for permission to shoot some photos,
in the club ONLY,for 1 night ONLY,and they(the light guys)
could handle the camera,since(a) I couldn't play & shoot
at the same time,and(b) it would ease any fears about security issues.
They did,and they did...with good results. Thanx a bunch,guys!

   The next day,we had Jesse,who obviously had more experience....
then Saturday,Stacy-she enjoyed experimenting with new kinds
of subtlety,and was enthusiastic about her part in the show.
They were all fun,and good techs---a rare thing,in this biz.
   The people were a real treat--many repeat customers,
all full of praise for Our Girl,and the group in general....
Saturday,we had assorted party groups on hand,and it got rather wild
before it was done.....Mike got kissed (and groped!) onstage...
It was a great night,ending with an ACTUAL éncore call.....
We gladly played "Something Deeper"and left the stage
as happy campers!!!
   Sunday,Jesse was back---he had the responsibility of checking our
bandhouse for cleanliness/damage/whatever---no doubt the result
of some group trashing the place in the past....the company policy
is to withhold a portion of the total earnings,pursuant to an inspection--
   He was pleased with how the place looked,and handed over a check--
after we finished loading the gear,Marci went to the casino Cashier's
window to cash it,and found it was only the amount of the withholding!! Huh?
   I'm sure it caught her off guard,as everything had been peaches all week.
She was making her 2nd trip outside,to tell us what was happening,when
she spied Jesse,who was coming to find HER.......seems that in the process
of getting the checks,inspecting the bandhouse,running the lights,
handing over checks,etc,one of the envelopes stayed in his pocket,
instead of being handed over with the rest.....when he discovered it
on the way home,he naturally hustled right back to the club.
An honest mistake,and we laughed about it..............................afterward.
   It was  slow going for the first few hours of the trip home...
snow was falling heavily,and lots of mishaps on the road....but we
made it in one piece,ready for a couple days off before the next one....
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