Blue Lou's Reports From the Road

April 24th,'03
   Reporting from Albuquerque...
   Been slackin'again....had a few days off,and forgot how to type!
The next gig turned out to be Club West, Fayetteville,AR....about a 3-hour drive....
I would've just driven from home,but the families wanted to come down,
so we elected to stay close by.The bandhouse was in a nice location,trees
around it,and a little wet-weather brook in front...and only a 3-minute drive
from the gig. When we found the cable-tv was off,they had it fixed
the NEXT DAY---impressive hospitality.
   I was really happy this one came up,since I sorta knew the club from,well,
just about everyone who follows music in the Ozarks. A great many acts have
played here,over the  years....and some of my favorites,so it felt like we were
keeping up a tradition.It's historic,yes,traditional,yes...but far from stuffy.
No---stuffy is not a word that leaps to mind....
F'rinstance,the afternoon we showed up,we walked into the aftermath of a
party of dangerous proportions---the place was TRASHED---
The dance floor was covered with débris...napkins,straws,broken glass,
pocket change,the odd piece of clothing.....I'm sure it has seen blood....
The gal cleaning up acted like it was just another day.Ho-hum.....
   I was frankly glad we didn't see THAT kind of party enthusiasm....
   But they love music  in the Ozarks,and in fact had a duo playing blues
for wall-to-wall people when we showed up Sunday.
They also love BBQ....and had plenty on hand.
   Yessir,they know how to have a party.....until all hours,at that.
We played until something like a quarter of two(on a Sunday),
then packed it up.My girls had to be back in Kansas on Monday
morning,so I gassed up,coffeed up,and stayed up until about 8:00,
driving home......
   I spent a good deal of time sleeping,for the next few days.
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