Blue Lou's Reports From the Road


   Well,well...this HAS been a busy two weeks! We arrived at the Freeway Motel
in Albuquerque in considerably better time than the first trip  out. Made the run
up to Santa Fe,to Rodeo Nites,and got set up in good time----so we set off
in search of a chapel housing a 'miraculous staircase' that,according to local myth,
suddenly appeared overnight,and furthermore,has no visible means of support.
We found the chapel,but alas,it was closed.So,we cruised the shopping area,
where the narrow streets are lined with Mercedes' and Jaguars....very upscale....
we weren't at all shy about pulling our trailer right through the  heart of it.
   We'd had vague discussion about finding the Capitol building---
but found the one-way streets weren't easy to navigate,
and so were forced to pull into a parking lot,in order to turn the trailer around.
Chris noticed a woman standing nearby,rolled down his window,and asked
"Are we ANYWHERE NEAR the Capitol building?"
She looked at him with no discernable expression,and simply raised her arm,
to point across the street..... We were directly in front of it!!!  We'd expected
an imposing,official-looking structure,granite and steel,etc...instead,
it gave the impression of a fairly large home,trees/shrubs around a lawn.....Nice.
   Did the 1st night without incident,then tore down the stage to make way for
New Mexican music the next night.
   After our night off,went back up the hill(my catch phrase for driving to
Santa Fe)...set up the gear,and immediately blew up the mixing board
and crossover.Thankfully,it turned out to be nothing more than blown fuses,
so a trip to Radio Shack had us up and running.
Friday and Saturday went well..... during the afternoon on one of those days,
Mike & I were standing outside the room,smoking,and we saw an obviously drunk
guy jump into a pickup and back up into a steel light pole.He hit it pretty hard,
but it took a moment to register with him.So then he makes a 3-point turnaround,
(in a parking lot with LOTS of space) and gets out to look for damage.....
and finally realizes he been observed--so here's this guy,with Natural Lite
from a 24oz.can spilled all over his crotch,barely able to stand,yelling across the lot
at us..."Whut? Youse guys god some kinna probem...? Whut the...." etc,etc.....
Mike told him in no uncertain terms that we were minding our own beezwax,
and if he wanted to make it a problem,we'd be glad to help him with it.
He mumbled some more stuff,which I didn't catch......but left anyway.
Mike later told me he threatened to shoot us!! But we never saw him again....
even though,as we were leaving town later,I spotted the same truck in
the lot at a parts store nearby.....
   Anyway,we tore down Sat.night,and went down the hill,
ready to set up at the Caravan on Sunday.
 ........early that week,we were sittin' around the rooms,doors open,enjoying
the warm weather....when this guy and girl pull up on a Harley,asking if
Billy Somebody is around,he's in the band,do we know him....?
Well,we knew Cowboy's band was here,and had learned another group was
in the motel,they're called River's Turnin',(they followed us into
Rodeo Nites) but we didn't exactly know who was in either one.......
the girl proceeds to tell how two years ago,this guy was in town,
she had hooked up with him,and now there was a baby girl as a result.....
I had heard enough,and went out of earshot.....
Chris later told me the girl found Whatzizname,and all seemed fine.
   The entire scene just begged a thousand questions......
   Also,during the Caravan week,we wound up hosting a jam in our rooms,
which included the steel player and guitarist from Deeryl Perry's band,and
the vocalist from River's Turnin' lasted until daylight. Great fun,just
hangin'out with players,talkin' shop.....
   Greg arrived Thursday,as we were leaving the Caravan after setup,
much to Marci's surprise and pleasure....he stayed until we had to leave,
on Tuesday.....
   The catch was........we had no clue where we were GOING....more on that later.
    Saturday was the usual marathon at the Caravan---we alternated sets with
Band Alegre,from Pecos,NM....good players,and nice people--they gave me a CD!
They had interesting guitars...a Tele with a 'bucker,and a Strat with two of 'em....
we had the stage covered with gear,and it's a big stage.
   Guitars is good!!
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