Blue Lou's Reports From the Road

   Reporting from Casper,WY.....
...where we have no phone lines,and thus no Internet,so when this will be posted is
an open question. No matter,the Reports go on,Constant Reader.

(By the way,yes,the term Constant Reader is plagiarized from Stephen King,
who freely admits he stole it from another writer,Emily Dickinson,I think---
perhaps Laura Ingalls Wilder? any rate,it's in perfect context here----
anyone who knows the origin of the phrase,pleaselet me know!)

   We left our intrepid band on it's way to Somewhere from Albuquerque---
Somewhere is a pretty big place,and that aside,which direction is it??
We'd had a booking fall through in Craig,CO,which was scheduled to be a week long......
and weren't due in Casper until after that week---so,the choices became
1)stay in Albuquerque,cool our heels,& pay for rooms out of pocket,or
2)go to Casper,cool our heels,& pay for rooms out of pocket,or
3)drive many hours home,stay for 3 days,and drive many more hours back to Casper,
arriving exhausted physically & monetarily,or
4)take our agent's advice,& just drive north,trusting him to find us a place to land....
this required a leap of faith,but a choice had to be made.
In this case it was north,generally toward Denver.
   Anyone who's driven in the Rockies will remember it,as I did...
and will likely be re-amazed by their sheer scope,as I was!
Westward on I-70 is some of the best scenery on the planet,
complete with sweeping curves,criss-crossing lanes of traffic,and tunnels.

   By the time we got to Denver,the agent had chased down our destination:
Baggs,WY.   A teensy little hamlet on the CO. border,its industry consists of
oil,sheep,and The Drifter's Inn. We were to play there Wed.-Fri.,in exchange for beds,meals,and gas money....literally singing for our supper! I remember thinking
'This could be a very bad time...'...but I needn't have worried--
Our Girl won them over,in spades.
   That Saturday,we went a few more miles north,to Rawlins,WY.--
the place was called Big City. As we pulled into town,I saw an unmistakable
landmark--a huge honkin' rock outcropping---and realized.....
I've played here before!! I was thrown into a time-warp,thinking about the
band I was in at the time...
   We did the gig,bid'ness as usual,stayed overnight at the quaint La Bella Motel,
and took off the next day for Casper.
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