Blue Lou's Reports From the Road

   Casper turned out better than the first impression---
   When we pulled into town,and found the club located far from the downtown
area,and even further from our mainstays(Wal-Mart,the Mall,etc...)
then realized it was next to the metal-reclamation site, just beyond the
cat-litter packing get my drift.
   In the end,it reminded me more than anything of a room I pretty much grew up in.....
The Paint Stallion,in Joplin,MO. There aren't nearly so many real cowboys in Joplin,
but The Paint is home for them....nor are there very many oil men in MO,
but it would be the place.
   The Beacon Club is the watering hole for cowboys,oil men,and a surprising variety
of others---including many 20-somethings,who go there for the loud house jams,
in between sets of country music. This is where the similarity ends.....
it's a sure bet you'll never hear black music in The Paint. But,people in WY.
are fewer,and you have to accept them as they are---including their taste in music.
I guess folks up there tend to value those differences...they seem genuinely interested
in strangers,even a band that's leaving town in a week.
   We meet interesting people everywhere,but it seemed more per capita at The Beacon.
To start,we saw some of the sheep-shearing Aussies that we first ran into at Baggs......
then there was Jim Fisher,and wife......he's a transplanted Californian songwriter,
and she's a webmaster. And the lady working at the c-store nights----
I heard a trace of twang in her speech,and asked outright if she was from the South....
sho'nuff,Honey,Odessa-Midland,moved up here in 1965.....
the next day or so,I spoke with a fellow who just drove in for a job----he was from
Jersey,and sounded like it-but had spent the last several years in........Odessa-Midland.
The only guy we met who was actually from WY. was married to Mrs.Wyoming......
and she was from Kansas City!!!

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