(Note to you,Constant Reader---starting at Casper,I've gotten further & further
behind on my Reports. This is a disappointment,as has been pointed out to me.....
In trying to catch up,I've had to decide whether to post 'stopgap' info,
then try to sort it out later........or simply continue the narrative ,in order,as/when
I can get time to write it/post it.....I've decided on the latter.
I feel it will make a more satisfying read,and prevent any confusion.... any questions? Mail Me.....)

So,we saw some great scenery on the way to Casper.....however,I wasn't really prepared
for the trip to Jackson Hole--evidently all of WY. is photogenic......
it was proven once again by the Grand Tetons,and Yellowstone Nat'l Park.
   We spent 2 weeks in Jackson,working long dance sets,and doing Fun Touristy Stuff
during the day...resulting in no updates to the pages......
   Downtown was gearing up for the summer season,and all the ski bums had
left with the snow---although there was a respectable amount left up high,
even when the temps were in the 80's.
   The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar lived up to its name--the place was a jumble of
memorabilia,murals on every wall,saddles for barstools,dozens of stuffed
game animals,including a grizzly,said to have been killed by a local some years back,
not by hand,but with his TEETH.....real live frontier stuff.Then the topper,
that gave it the name....scores of old silver dollars,inlaid into every cedar bar
in the place......'prolly actually worth a million.
   We were told there are a few celebrity types around town,though I didn't spot any.....
Harrison Ford,Sandra Bullock,Lyle Wagner,and members of Lynyrd Skynyrd,
not to mention Vice-President Dick Cheny,are all said to have homes there...
   One of the more interesting people we did meet was Clint...

   Greg found a cheap airfare,and flew up to hang out....we drove down to Salt Lake City
to pick him up,which took us through Ogden,UT.
   He and Marci took a float trip,in COLD water,and later we all took in an auction,
hoping to buy some PA gear--but the bidding got high,so we wound up with the usual
   We needed PA gear soon,because Chris was leaving at the end of this trip out,
having hooked up with Derryl Perry's group last time in Albuquerque.....
   We finished up on Saturday night,and left for home straightway!!!
   Somewhere around Laramie,Marci noticed the van losing power...
but it limped on toward home....until in northern Kansas,we heard a loud noise...
but we were a powerfully motivated crew,and had the problem fixed post haste.
Went on down the road to Wichita,where we hooked up with T,and she drove
a grateful guitar player home.......
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