Blue Lou's Reports From the Road

   Our stay at home seemed far too short,as we had MUCH to do.....we still had the PA
issue pending,(and a new drummer to rehearse........)  So,after arriving home WAY late Sunday night(Monday morning),Monday afternoon we split for Kansas City,
to look over some gear my friend Marty had tipped us about.
   It looked good,so the deal was done.....
we loaded up the stuff,and went to Applebee's(....a recurring theme).
   We were a few miles out of the City,when we heard (another recurring theme)
a loud noise...
   So,that meant a new pair of tires for the trailer AND the van--when it rains it pours.
Next day was dental appointments ......time off is such fun!
The next few days were legal stuff for Marci,and Honeydoo stuff for me....frankly, I had
the better end of the deal.
   The van went to the shop,where an O2 sensor was replaced.
   After much searching and deliberation,a Mackie mixer was mail-ordered,
along with Yamaha bass bins,to complete the PA setup..a silent prayer was sent up,
that they would arrive in time......
   Arrive they did,mere hours before the 1st scheduled rehearsal with our new
drummer,Mick Scott,from Elk City,OK.

   We put in a few hours that day,a few more the next,loaded up the gear,
and split early the next morning for Indianapolis,for a weekender at The Stables.

   Somewhere around St Louis,the power-loss problem returned in the van...
making no one happy,and everyone nervous. With no options at hand,we pushed on...
it got us there alright,but used lots of fuel. Saturday,Marci/family made inquiries
around town,but couldn't find much help. Finished the gig that night,and Sunday limped
the van got there,thank goodness.Monday,it went to the shop in
Nevada,for diagnosis.....something in the transmission,not the O2 sensor.
So,it needed to go back to Claremore,to the guys that built it.Hooked the trailer to
Marci's Jeep,and followed along in the van,to drop it off. Went on down to OKCity,
traded the Jeep for Greg's truck,and split for Port Aransas,TX.,to play 2 weeks
aboard the Texas Treasure,a casino-cruise ship.

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