Blue Lou's Reports From the Road


Waiting----yes. Rehearsing.....yes. Tedium....yes. However,a couple gigs have
popped up during the intervening time.....f'rinstance,remember the aborted gig
with the Duling sister,Karen?  Perhaps a month later,around the middle of Sept,
she had her brother Dan call me up,to ask if I could come fill in for the bass player....
naturally,I ask what happened to the bluegrass band. Well,they didn't materalize...
and meantime they've been using Dan's bassist,from the Brother's group.
My first inclination was vengeful,I admit....but it's just not in me to be so mean,
and besides,I can always use a buck. Luckily,the short rehearsal time from before
came back,since they needed me instantly. I wound up filling 4 shows,2 afternoons,
and 2 evenings,and had a GREAT time,to my surprise! Good clean fun for the
elder set...
   Another gig came out of this....a local guy,Mike Yoger,got my name from
The Dulings,and only much later realized that he & I had jammed several times
at a room in Diamond,MO....and then learned that the bassist he planned on using,
(who's related to his wife.....) was none other  guessed it,LEAH !!
Wheeewwww.......I can take a hint--I'm obviously destined to play with this woman.
The band wound up being Mike,Leah,Me,T's ex-roomie Joey Adams on drums,
and Terry Hollingsworth,on guitar/vocals....Terry & I have moved in the same circles
for quite awhile,sorta trading gigs,at times. He took over my slot in Solid Gold, and I
had auditioned for(and was hired for) his gig with another group,years ago.....(but he
decided to stay,so there was no vacancy,after all.) I didn't envy Leah her day---
she went to set up her rock band in the afternoon,drove the 45 min. to Pittsburg,
set up/played the gig,'till 7:00PM,then hauled it back to Joplin just in time
for the rock gig,another 4 hours......
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