Blue Lou's Reports From the Road


   Having done the cruise ship gig,it was time to get back on terra firma--
so we finished up our last night,and loaded up the trailer straightway...
besides,it was SO hot during the day,there was a real possibility of
heat exhaustion. Even at night,the 187% humidity made it a sweaty job.....
so we all showered up,piled in the truck,and headed north.
   We made pretty good time all through Texas,even with frequent stops
to stretch---
   We had pulled up to the 1st tollgate in Oklahoma,feeling good about
the idea of making Claremore,to get the van back,when we heard
(you guessed it!) a loud noise...
   Well,not that loud,more of a hissing sound....but the same result.
It seemed that when pulling through the tollgate,the left wheel on the trailer
was at precisely the correct angle to catch on a piece of concrete,which
was sticking out from the curb....the rim gave way under the impact,
and there ya took a little ingenuity to get the trailer raised,
as we only had the stock jack that came with the truck....but we managed.
   Got the rest of the way home without incident.....looking forward to
a few days off before heading out to......
   Marquette,Iowa-The Isle of Capri Casino
   We had no idea what to expect(as usual)....they had a Missisippi riverboat,
but it turned out we weren't on it. Instead,we had a showroom,with
the stage above the bar.
   The casino itself was on the boat,but one could stroll over to it easily,
via a neat walkway built over the road,which led directly to the gangplank.
Setup was easy,and the sound was good...thanks to the excellent house techs.
   It being the weekend of The Fourth,Linda,T & Dorothy were able to get
away for the trip,so the 4 of us rode up together,the guys in the van
having gone on ahead. We arrived late at night,so we didn't really see much.....
in daylight,the area reminded me of the Ozarks,more than anyplace else.......
   The gig hours were easy,leaving time to just plain mess around.
   We even got to take a break to watch the fireworks,along with everyone else!!

   Every gig is different,that's for sure........

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