Blue Lou's Reports From the Road

   So,here it is....the first entry in months.I have at least two dozen excuses for being
off-line so long---some are so good as to even be called REASONS,
if one cared to split hairs...
   So,instead of whining about how the server changed my .url without notice,(true)
or implying that I was simply waiting to get the NEW .url confirmed,(not true),
I could just as easily say the dog ate my homework...... any event,it would still sound like some sort of lame equivocation.

   Not my style.

Instead,we'll just pick up the story from here,and try to fill in the blanks as time permits.
Here being Jackson Hole,WY,and now being the 2nd week of Feb.'04...
The MM Band has been here before,and to our great pleasure,we are remembered...
we certainly remember Jackson. It's a beautiful place in any season,but in winter---
WOW!!    ......the only hitch is in getting here.
   The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is still THE place in town to hang/dance/partáy,
and not just for the people who come to ski.....f'rinstance,some of the road crew
for Lynyrd Skynyrd stopped in the night before their show,and some lucky
concert-goer was in the night of the show,with a guitar signed by the band.
   The next night,B.B.King was in town--I didn't notice any of his crew in our place,
but I did speak to people who attended his show,and the consensus was that
he's playing so well at 78,he'll probably never die.
   A guy like that just makes me think'I should be so lucky'. I wanna still be playin'
at his age,and it seems to me the only way to do that is to......well....keep playing!!
And why not....I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing.
   It makes me wonder what reasons Mr. King might have for continuing HIS working life-
I suspect there are a million of them,but only one that counts......

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