Blue Lou's Reports From the Road

   It's actually the night of the 11th,around 3:30 AM---just wanted to get
a couple thoughts down while they're still fresh.Today was  Marathon Music
at the Caravan--8 straight hours of tunes,starting at 5:30,right up to closing.
We alternated sets with Al Hurricane,Jr.(and Sr.,as it turned out)--
these guys are obviously local favorites--the house was packed,and they spent
as much time glad-handing the crowd as playing.But play they did--a tight act,
one could tell that much,but I had no clue about the difference between
some old standard schlock(in their genre) and the coolest stuff(in their genre).
But to say it all sounded the same would be unfair...
Two electric guitarists,who had lengthy twin leads worked out,and well executed,
a (young) flashy bass player,two trumpets and sax,keys,drums of course.
The horn guys were a revelation....they would play the worked-out parts the first
time or two around,then one would turn to the others,and scat-sing
a new line for them........"bah-dah-DAT-bah-ba-dah"....then the 3 of them would
turn and play it perfectly,with correct harmonic voicing.A pleasure to watch.
The crowd ate them UP.......

   Tonight was also the Night of the Living/Dying PA Systems...
we kicked off the first set,and the sound truly SUKKED. We shut down,
(notice a pattern here?)and the DJ on hand had no luck finding the glitch.
We learned that during the day,they had 'fixed'the system.....OoooKayyyy.....
so we waited the first set out,until the other group started.While they were on,
the house stuff was put back in order,and the night went on.We went through
our next two sets just doing our gig....all the while listening to the PA being
adjusted as we all fairness,they were just trying to get the best
possible sound for us...but it was pretty tough to be live guinea pigs,AND
smile and be enthusiastic....
   During the other group's last set,it was their turn...drastic noise from
their gear....which was completely separate from ours...and  so,unrelated.
But just as annoying,no doubt.

   However.......all that aside,it was evidently a successful night,and week.
The help reported good comments about us,and the other bands were
very felt great when one of the Hurricane guitar guys
introduced me to a friend as "a fierce guitar player".
   Next week,Ruidoso....

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