Blue Lou's Reports From the Road

   Learned today -it's not Ruidoso,it's straight to Farmington.....
another day in The Life......

   Our 1st night in Farmington was way slow,it being Tuesday night..
it was a 3½-4 hour drive up the mountains,and I mean UP the mountains.
This town has a sort of mining-camp feel to's not a place
for the weak or timid.Oh,there are some civilized appearances--
you can get free DSL internet at the Comfort Inn,and you might find
a good bottle of Scotch,but it's a tenuous civility,one that slips easily.....
Mother Nature holds sway here,make no mistake. The task of wresting
her treasures away---her minerals,her oil,her timber...this isn't
accomplished by 'civilized' men. This is tough country,
and it draws tough men---This is blue-collar turf.
This is a town about muddy boots and 4-wheel drives...
It's been said that a man is defined by his work,and that
definition is direct here----" What outfit you with...?"
   Bob Dylan wrote that no matter who you are,
'Ya got ta serve somebody',and there is deep truth in that.
   Here,one is usually involved in one of two things...
getting something out of/away from/off of the mountains,
or feeding/clothing/housing/entertaining those who do.
And those who do far outnumber those in the support system--
You're either a Working Man--or you're Other...
   When you walk into a place like The Office Lounge,
it's obvious which category you fall into.

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