Blue Lou's Reports From the Road

    Several days since the last entry.....we got back home the night of the 20th,
after a VERY long ride in Greg's pickup...the original plan called for him(Greg)
to drive the van out to meet us in Ruidoso,but the schedule change made that impractical.
   The real reason for the lack of more frequent updates here is......boredom.
We spent several more days in Farmington,but to be honest, not much happened.
Marci sold more CD's there than other places,which we found puzzling.....
the speculation is,it's the personal touch that made the difference. There simply
weren't very many people coming through the door,and it made time to speak to
people individually....hey,it's a THEORY.
   One possible reason for slow turned out the radio station
handling the club's ads was still running an outdated spot,naming another band
as the feature of the week. The error wasn't caught until Wednesday,although
they had been gone since Sunday. However,in trying to make up for the
oversight,the station gave Marci a live spot on Thursday morning...a sort of
mini-interview,and the DJ did well,hammering home the name of the act.
Friday was the best crowd,probably half the house.....
   The help was a friendly bunch,the owner was a nice guy.......not an unpleasant
gig.....   ..the pace just seemed slow,after all those days of setting up/
tearing down,and meeting a different band every couple days.
   We did meet some interesting people....notably,a drummer named
'Froggy' Beyale,and his wife,Kat. They invited us out to their house,
took us on a tour of the sights,even made silver/turquoise jewelry for us,
AND the folks back home!!! How cool is that.......
   Sunday was jam night at The Office,and a few turned up to play..
it was an early night,ending at 11:30,and the consensus was
'Let's go home NOW....' we packed up quickly,gassed up,
and headed East.

"From Santa Fe and Farmington we drove all night
until the sun came up above the Amarillo skyline..
We'd had an awful run o'luck,we piled into an ole Ford truck
and coveyed up like pigeons on a high-line."

   Our luck was better on the way home.....we pulled into OKCity,
to switch over to the van,and discovered a huge,bulging knot on the side
of a trailer was a wonder it made it that far,and lucky it was
discovered before we got out on the turnpike.
We had all been going for 20-odd hours by this time...
I was so trashed,I forgot to take pictures!

   Next thing on the schedule is Twister's,almost in my back yard.....
I dunno how to act........

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