Blue Lou's Reports From the Road

       Nearly a month since the last entry.....for that,I'm sorry. I could be a
chickensh-t,and claim'It's not my FAULT".....but the truth is,I didn't know
what to write.....a little explanation is in order.
   During the trip back from Farmington,Leah told us she she was going to
leave the band,citing several reasons.....needless to say,this was quite
a surprise....after all,we had put months into the project,and giving up
on it after only 3 weeks of work seemed.......premature,to say the least.
Personally,I adopted a sort of wait & see attitude--the Road has a way of
altering one's perspective,and I sorta hoped it would blow over,
that she would change her mind. Thus,the delay in reportage.......
   But that didn't happen---so I need to get you up to speed,Constant Reader.
When it became apparent we really did need a player,we started looking
around---sending out e-mail,calling friends,etc.....
time was getting short,when I found an ad on,and sent
an e-mail to the guy....and he called me back in like 30 MINUTES!!
We immediately made plans to hook up....& he drove to McAlester,OK,
to meet us.We looked each other over,and decided it was a go.........
His name is Mickey Paul,and he hails from Milwaukee,WI.
West Allis, anyway,we crammed him full of tunes for 2 days,
and took off for Gering,NE,where this report is being filed. is his birthday!
I'll have more in a few days....right now,it's time for rehearsal.......

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