Blue Lou's Reports From the Road

   Last week was Gering,NE...The Oregon Trail...Internet access wasn't great,so this report
is being filed from Mandan(Bismarck) ND.
   I played this room Back in the Day: it was around '79-'80.....and it was a nightmare......
not because of the gig--I was ill the whole time,and it was a blur of dental pain
and codeine-induced unconsciousness. My clearest memory of we were
unloading our gear,and stacking it on the dance floor,mind you,we hadn't
set up a single amp,or plugged in a cord----the (then) owner
walked over to say,and I quote---"Turn it down,boys." End quote.....sheeeesh.......
This time was considerably better!!
   Chris brought his newly-built PA cabinets,so we took awhile to get them
tuned in---the club is being remodeled,and while it looks like it will be great
when complete,it's not there yet. They had just 1 day previously removed
some carpeting from the perimeter of the room,leaving wood-paneled walls
and the wooden dance floor as the only acoustic made for
a bouncy,echo-off-the-back-wall sound. However,after some tweaking,
we sounded pretty good,I must say. We rehearsed every day,getting
Mickey up to speed, re-arranging vocal parts,etc.....also dropped in a couple
new(classic) tunes,so as to balance the singing duties,and take some stress
off Marci....she was great,shuffling the songlist around,taking requests,
keeping it moving. She IS our show,but when we're doing hours of
dance sets,many days in a row,it's just unrealistic to let her carry
the ball all the time.....even though she would try......
   Our songs were well received,and made a good enough impression
that the DJ (Thanks,Dan!) made it a point to hook Marci up with the local radio
station,where she did a live interview,with a gal from Oklahoma(!)
(Marci said) she took time to get background,and make it interesting,
since they were practically neighbors down there,dontchaknow?
I tell ya,we make friends wherever we go.....f'rinstance,we walked into
The Lonesome Dove today,setting up the gear,and a guy at the bar
recognized Marci from Santa Fe!! They had spoken briefly at the gig there,
over New Year' we all piled in the van,and went out for Mexican.....
as opposed to New Mexican,hehe.....

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