Blue Lou's Reports From the Road

I swear--karma is real !! the last report,I mentioned how the last trip to the
Oregon Trail was such a bad experience,and this time was SO much better.....
well,Constant Reader,I no sooner uploaded that report than I broke a filling,
and was instantly thrown into the past......visions of huddling in bed,nursing an
aching tooth,filled my horizon. However,it turned out not-so-bad.I was able to get
an appointment with a local dentist(in Mandan) for the next day,who fixed me up
with a minimum of pain/trouble.Wheeeew.....

   I guess the lesson learned is........Watch Yer Mouth! (pun intended...heehee)

   The  rest of this week was less ominous---if lots colder. We sorta felt guilty in Gering,
having come a long way north,only to have temperatures around 50°during the day,
while it got progressively colder at home,and snowed bigtime to boot.
The tables were soon time to leave for Mandan,it was snowing hard,
and we wondered about getting here on took longer than planned,
but we arrived without incident. The low that night was -17°....payback is a mother.

   The Lonesome Dove has a great Cowboy vibe...partially because it's frequented by
real cowboys,to be sure,but moreover,it has a cozy feel to it.The obligatory
Maximum Attendance sign says its capacity is 500......but it's anything but impersonal.
Vintage old west weapons are displayed in glass cases around the rooms...dartboards
are upstairs,on the mezzanine overlooking the bandstand/dancefloor---the pool tables
are at the other end of the building,thus the music isn't disturbed by cracking cueballs....
I saw a fellow drop $1500 or more at the blackjack table in about 20 minutes.....
but he seemed non-plussed....just a laid-back place.
   Perhaps,in part,because the County Sheriff hangs out here-and his style is the same..
.......mellow,friendly....he invited us to drop by the office,and there might be time for
a short tour....failing that,we're invited to dinner....seems he used to be a chef,
and likes to entertain.
   He certainly likes to dance....he frequently has two or more partners on the floor!!

   The radio stations have the usual formats....lotta country,oldies,talk,ranching info,
adult contemporary,kid rock....we haven't had much luck so far getting played.....
but we still have another week---and,we've made friends who seem interested in helping.
Fred & Karen Schmidt,nice folks who came to dance,and came back to just listen,have been
a great source ....on their lead,we were able to get a more or less firm commitment from
the cable access station to air a profile/documentary on our group.As with all projects,
it will require some lead time-----so not much to be done this trip.......but it's progress...
Marci once produced a rather good piece on the Smith Bros,while we were in that group,
and my natural love for anything with knobs and dials......sounds like a plan.
   Attendance at the club has been par for the  course.....slow during the week,
better on the weekend. We did a Sunday night,broken into two two hours,
break for two,while they play bingo(which goes on EVERY night) then play two more sets,
ending at 11:30. Minutes before going on, we found out we were the FIRST band to do
the Sunday the smallish crowd was a pleasant surprise......
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