Free Rock'n'Roll in the park,'79 or '80--the Les Paul looks new because it was!
I still have it,but it doesn't travel anymore-Note the 'Ketch Pen Lounge' t-shirt--
Wheel band had played there like 2 years before,in Winter(in Wyoming),
and that Spring it was named by 60 Minutes as one of the 10 toughest bars in the U.S.....
Later that year,Wheel played the annual bike rally @ Sturgis/ Deadwood,S.D.--
The Old #10 Saloon--another mean-ass room,where the first Dead Man's Hand
of poker was dealt to Wild Bill Hickok.....
(Update: I've played the Old # 10 a couple tiimes recently,and sad to say,
it's changed into a typical tourist trap. It was much more fun as a biker bar.)
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