Hearts Just Know

This page will be my favorite stuff from past & present---Sorta like the old page,which can still be found HERE

It's not as if we never do anything new.....It's just.....there's such a wealth of archival stuff.....plus---on the Web,it's Publish Or Die!




Just messin' around--sometime around last Xmas (2014) Cute hat her Mom made---

Love this pic!--My Girl--April,2014





"Yeah,I'll come to your show,but the Chiefs are playin'......so...." Sept.2012



Ready to Ride to the Rodeo... August,2012


My Pretty Blue-eyed Girl


Rockin' T!! Summer 2011


Monkey Island,OK-August 13th,2011



I LOVE this picture....




My Girl in her element---loves flowers,and keeping the yard up.

Absolutely RELISHES gettin'dirt under her fingernails.

No blonde jokes allowed!---she used to be a redhead,before the Big C --still has the temper,though.

Some gig in Salina,KS---Back in the Day


OMG!!  You'll get us thrown out of here!!!!

(Only if I'm caught. Argosy Casino,KCMO---where they are PSYCHO on security.

My way of thumbing my nose at such petty tyranny...)



4th of July,Bridgeport Rodeo,NE--2005



























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