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Blue Lou & The Damn Yankee


Wasting time @ the studio--Digital Planet,Joplin,MO---

Recording a demo for B.T.S.



Neosho,MO--maybe around 1978?

I gave $300 for this guitar,in Atlanta--no shit.

Didn't buy this one.

Cowboy'd Up...


Hey,Baby,Like my Guitar?

You're what...? Oh,I see.......   So--How long have you lived in Lesbia?



BIG Fun @ Ft. Smith Jam,W/ Oreo Blue

First,an old blues tune to warm up--

Then,right into '24 Hours at a Time'

Stephen & Rod together are a pumpin' rhythm machine!


Then Gary & I get Mano y Mano


Lean on it a little...


'Nuff said...Outta here....



This Just In...Yeah,right....

Tampa,FL.....Approximately 250 years ago....Thanks,Doug!

Fredonia,KS,April '08

Jam @ Neosho-April 20th,'08

Jam @ Neosho

Jam @ Neosho

(photos by TrB,of course!)

Half-a-Hill Tavern,in the War Zone of KCMO,early '02--I just like this photo.

U.S.O. Show-Joplin,MO


Meriden,KS-Feb. '08

W/ Kenny Madden and Bill Duling,Meriden,KS-Feb. '08


Meriden,w/ The Damn Yankee

(Mind you,I love all my guitars,but this one is special)

W/ Kenny,Iola,KS--Feb.'08



Thanks,Kristaful !!

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