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L-R: Dru Thomas,Steve Gilliam,Robin Fuller,Doug Fuller,Lou

Spiva Arts Center's Annual Ball-May 1st,'09

Dru is Oh,so Continental!

L-R:Austin Stewart,Doug Fuller,Shawn Pittman,Your Host,Lee Ogle

Ft. Scott Jamboree,Ft. Scott,KS--April 18th,'09

Photos by TrB,of course....


Me+Dru, rockin' Twisters with B.T.S--Pittsburg,KS-April 16th,'09


Ft. Scott Jamboree,Ft. Scott,KS--April 4th,'09

Momma Don't Allow No Harp,or Fiddle,or Guitar,or Drums,or Bass,or Steel,or........



Jam night @ Twister's-Pittsburg,KS-April Fool's Day,'09

(Derek on drums)

A little harp on a swingin' blues

(Jason on bass)

Trading 4's with Jerry Rich

Jerry gave me my 1st real country gig,back in the day---'77 or '78...

It was in Pittsbug,too---full circle,huh?

Bring it home,Boys!!


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