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33 & 1/3-July 30th,2011-Pittsburg,KS

Earl Cate,of the Cate Brothers, & me--I've heard him play countless times---

First time he's heard me (that I know of...) This was a private party,so kinda loose atmosphere-

The guys said good things about our set--It felt good coming from players I've long respected.



MMB-July 16th,2011-Burke,SD

L-R: Jim Manes,Lou,Marci Mitchell,Doug Harper


33 & 1/3-June 25th,2011-Monkey Island,OK

Your Boy,Lou

The 1st REALLY hot gig for the season--check out Larry below--he has one dry spot on his arm.....

He got zapped pretty hard from a ground fault in the PA--I had to go wireless for the same reason.


33 & 1/3-June 25th,2011-Monkey Island,OK

John Gobetz


33 & 1/3-June 25th,2011-Monkey Island,OK

Larry Douglas


MMB--June 10th,2011--Nevada,MO

L-R: Me,Jeff ?,Marci Mitchell,Mike Longhofer,Jim Manes (unseen,on drums)

MMB--June 10th,2011--Nevada,MO

L-R: Me,Charles Curless,Marci Mitchell,Mike Longhofer,Jim Manes (unseen,on drums)

MMB--June 11th,2011--Cameron,MO

L-R: Doug Harper,Jim Manes,Marci Mitchell,Me

MMB--June 11th,2011--Cameron,MO

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