Random Gig Pix

Deuces Wild-Silverado,Joplin MO--May,2012

Keyboard gig! Don't have a lot of them.....


Jimmy Karlinger Band,Frontenac,KS--April,2012

(Click on the pic for the story on this guitar!)


This was at a true dive in KCMO,called Half-a-Hill--now closed. I once found a bag of crack just lying on the floor,

in plain view...the kind of place where everything is for sale.  A quote from my blog at the time...

Just got e-mail from Russ,telling how Rick,the barkeep @ Half-a-Hill,was stabbed
3 times and robbed this past Wednesday night...didn't say by whom.
You ask me,this has the earmark of a budding Vendetta.....
REALLY thinking about the future now.........





Raizin' Kane Band-Liberal,KS-New Year's Eve,2011

L-R: Steve Gordineer-Chris Hempfling,Chris Hempfling,Lou--(Friday night)

Raizin' Kane Band-Liberal,KS-New Year's Eve,2011



X-Mas party for 3M...

L-R: Doug Harper,Doug Fuller (unseen on drums,sorry) Marci Mitchell,Lou

Marci,Linda,+ Dorothy B. made well over 200 of these by hand....


Bill Duling Band--Summer,'09--I forget where this was--private party maybe?

Benefit show with MMB @ the Eagles,Nevada,MO-Oct.22nd, 2011

MMB   L-R:Doug Harper,Doug Fuller,Marci Mitchell,Lou Davidson

Benefit show @ the Eagles,Nevada,MO-Oct.22nd, 2011


Me & Gary Hutchison

Jam after the Vintage Guitar Show-Oct. 15th,2011--Dallas


Me,Gary Hutchison, Ronnie Wurst

Jam after the Vintage Guitar Show-Oct. 14th,2011--Dallas



33 & 1/3-Gorilla Village (PSU)-Sept.24th,2011


Bleachers House Band-August 10th,2011-Basehor,Ks

L-R:Shaun Wahe,Lou,Marty Mootz,Michael DinwiDDie

BTS-August 25th,2011--Joplin,MO

L-R:Honnah Sartin,Robin Fuller,Doug Fuller,Steve GilliamJon Bradley,Lou


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