Random Gig Pix

Whiplash-Monett,MO--'81 or '82--Defacing Public Property

L-R:  Joel Morrison, Steve Carlson, Bruce Morrison, Lou Davidson 

I wanted to name this band 'The Sons'--but they were having none of it.   


Sober As A Judge--Lamar,MO--August 23rd, 2013

L-R: Doug Rike-Rich Mc Bride-Chris Morrow-Jerry Cruz-Fred Shaw-Brian Cruz-John Keith-

Charles Curless-Bill Collins-Janet Collins-Lou Davidson



Marci Mitchell Band-Burke,SD-July,2013

Clockwise,from top right: Marci, Lou, Mark Zell, Mark Elting


Jimmy Karlinger Band-Barto's-Frontenac,KS-Feb,2013

L-R: Lou,Jimmy Karlinger,JJ Karlinger,Joe Ferraro


Sober As A Judge--Liberty,MO.--Oct.6th,2012

L-R:John Keith-sax,Janet Collins-keys,Jerry Cruz-trumpet,Jeff Hamer-trombone,Brian Cruz-trumpet,Charles Curless-guitar,  Fred Shaw (unseen,on drums), Lou-guitar,Bill Collins-bass,Chris Morrow-keys


Barto's Idle Hour-Frontenac,KS,Sept.2012

L-R:Lou,Fred Shaw,Steve Gilliam


Bill Duling Band-Cherokee,KS--Sept.2012

L-R: Dan Duling,Bill Duling,Rick Duling,Lou Davidson

Bill Duling Band-Cherokee,KS--Sept.2012


Sober As a Judge--Barton Co. Fair--Aug.25th,2012

L-R:Rich McBride,Jim Hunter,Jerry Cruz,Brian Cruz,Charles Curless,Fred Shaw,Me,Bill Collins,Janet Collins

SAAJ--Barton Co. Fair--Aug.25th,2012


Bryan Fontenot &  Outlaw Inc.--Grand Island,NE--August,2012

L-R: Don Spain,Bryan Fontenot,Derek Edmondson,Dustin Sink,Me in the back...

Bryan Fontenot &  Outlaw Inc.--Chadron,NE--August,2012

Full House--Pittsburg,KS--July,2012

No,I didn't actually play the gig from here...Yes,I do love that shirt.

Full House--Pittsburg,KS--July,2012

L-R: Marc Marcano,Jim Hunter,Jon Sherman,Lou


Marci Mitchell Band--Burke,SD--July,2012

L-R: Mark Elting,Mark Zell,Marci,Lou

Marci Mitchell Band--Burke,SD--July,2012

Marci Mitchell Band--Burke,SD--July,2012



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