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Cowboy Bob's  restaurant-Asbury,MO-March,2016-solo show

This was Arson II--like all bands,it was a work in progress--started as Arson,became Arson II

when they hired me as the vocalist,(even though I had applied with them to be the drummer)

when the bassist quit, I moved over to that spot since no one esle wanted to do it.

Then it morphed into Roadwork-  L:-R: Gary Hutchison,Lou Davidson,Ivan Hunter,Joey Hook--'71 or '72 maybe?

(Posted Nov. 25th,2015)

One of several good lineups of the Sober As a Judge crew- L:-R: Jeff Crane,Rich McBride,Fred Shaw

Charles Curless,John Keith,Jerry Cruz,Brian Cruz,Lou Davidson,Jerry Holcomb,Chris Morrow

Sadly, Rich passed away not long ago,and is sorely missed. The music goes on, as he would have wanted.

October 3,2015---Happy to report I'm now playing with The Gass Company-

These guys have a history dating back to the 60's! That means I really have to

be on my toes to keep up,but it's fun doing it.Gigging here at the Pittsburg State Homecoming

L:-R: Jon Sherman, Marc Marcano,Lou Davidson,Walt Kennett



Jimmy Karlinger Band- Barto's-Frontenac,KS-Sept.2014

L-R: Lou Davidson,Jimmy Karlinger,Joey Adams, Joe Ferraro




Sober As A Judge-Springfield,MO-Sept,2014

L-R: Fred Shaw,Jeff Crane,Jerry Cruz,Brian Cruz,John Keith,Frosty Patrum,

Rich McBride,Charles Curless,Chris Morrow,Lou Davidson



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