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Here's a pic from the gig at Grand Lake,May 23rd,'09...behind us you can see

(the back side of) Pensacola Dam,which was built in the late 30's/early 40's,

with the help of my grandfather,on my father's side.


Here's a true story about that......
   Friday,December 5th,1941......the dam project is finished,but there's still cleanup,
last minute details,landscaping etc....so a few of the workforce have been kept on
past the main job of pouring concrete ( for FOUR YEARS!! ) My grandfather is one of them.
The company uses a bus to transport men to and from the little towns around there---
Friday night,the bus is headed back to town at the end of the day,and stops to let people off.
A Buick,full of drunk party-types,fails to stop,and hits the back end of the bus....
where Blackie is sitting. He's brought to the hospital,and hangs on 'till Saturday--
but loses the struggle.
   My Grandmother is left with 5 children,from age 13 down.....
That would be enough to send some people over the edge....but then----
the next day,Sunday......Pearl Harbor!
I don't have to tell you how scary that would've been to everyone in the US.......
just think back to the WTC on 9/11.......
   She lived to a ripe old age,and I visited her often,in her later years--but I didn't really GET it.
I knew her husband was killed while employed @ the dam,but not the date,
and even if I had,might not have put it together.
   The stress had to be beyond belief.
I knew she was really cool for an old lady,but had no clue just how tough she must've been.
Beneath the Surface.......of the Lake,heh heh
L-R:Me,Steve Gilliam,Robin&Doug Fuller,Dru Thomas
No idea where this was....I just think it's a cool pic. Shot by TrB,of course--as was eveything else on this page!

My pal Peter Kirch jams @ Twisters--April 24th,'09


Bill Duling Show--May 13th,'09


Take That!....Oh Yeah? Take THAT!!! 

Broncbuster's---May 16th,'09


Neal Schon? James Brown? Buckwheat?


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