Random Gig Pix


With my long-time pal Gary Hutchison,and his band,

Oreo Blue-Parsons,KS,Nov.27th,'09


Oreo Blue-Parsons,KS,Nov.27th,'09


(unintentional Elvis lip)

Bill Duling-Columbus,KS-Oct.30th.09

MMB @ Twister's-Pittsburg,KS--October 17th,'09

MMB @ Twister's-Pittsburg,KS--October 17th,'09

BTS--Girard,KS--October 10th,'09

Marci Mitchell Band--Jackpot,NV--Jan.3rd,'06

Had a day off,so we drove 40-some miles to an actual town for shopping, then back to the cottages.

I gathered all my junk-camera,cool cup etc,and hopped out of the van,

not remembering that the snow which had melted that day would now be

a solid sheet of ice. As you can see,it all went flying (but I saved the camera!)

..which I handed to Doug,and told him to snap this.

"...and then,I'll see if I can get up!"


                         Kenny Madden                                   Bill Duling                                                                         Lou

Trust me-you do wanna know where Mapleton is.

There's a lot more going on there than one might suspect..

Check out the Mapleton pages by Jan Laughlin, and lots more pictures from the The Gig

(Also,thanks to Jan for the photo--Her personal page is Here )


Sheldon,MO August 14th,'09

Marci was in town for a couple days,and this show--

                Doug Fuller                                                                      'Dangerous'  Doug Harper

Marci-Doug-Lou       August 14th,'09

It was fun to play those tunes again,after a couple years....for a disjointed/incomplete look

at some of the MMB history,click Here


Here was a REEEEALLY long day...

First,we played a benefit in Sarcoxie,an' it was hot & sweaty!!

Then later,went down to Joplin,for a gig at Shake's,off 15th & RangeLine..

B.T.S.-August 1st,'09

Special Thanks to Debbie,Mary,& Tiffany for the great pix!!

B.T.S.-August 1st,'09



B.T.S. has done several guest appearances lately for 103.5 The X, in Pittsburg...

Rock and Roll WAY early in the morning,during the Panama Jack Show,(Right,above)

Aided and abbetted by The Birdman (Left,above) His show runs right after,at a more decent hour.

These pix were shot on Friday,and that night we played Turtleheads in Joplin.....(see below)

Another REEEEALLY long day...




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