Random Gig Pix

Crowder College Jazz Band

A Long,Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far,Far Away....


L-R: Kenny Madden,Rick Duling,Bill Duling,Lou




KCMO-August 20,2010

Playing among purported penguins on the Plaza,prior to downpour

Posing with previously posted penguin--

Precipitation permeates peeps---(and penguins)



Eldorado Springs,MO--July 17th,2010


Johnny Rose on keys & steel for the day...



Frontenac,KS--July 2nd,2010




Club West---legendary 'Knife & Gun' club--when the MMB arrived to set up,

there was broken glass & BLOOD on the dance floor--didn't bother to clean up the night before.

MMB @Club West 

L-R: Mike Vertrees,Marci,Chris Hempfling,Lou

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