Random Gig Pix

Nevada,MO- the MMB-October 16th,2010

The 6th or 7th or 8th Annual Librans Birthday Party

Thanks,Linda,for the cake--

(I heard you had to sign a waiver,give a urine sample,submit to a background check and a body search!)

No wonder you're Cynical!!

Mike Longhoffer sitting in on bass--note the 'Rock Unto Others" tat....


Rita Bolton Cd release party-Springfield,MO-October 15th,2010

I didn't play on this gig,but felt compelled to attend,since we've worked together a lot

over the years,notably a 2-year run in the house band at The Oaks,in Springfield,

and later several months in the SmithBros band.

Check out her stuff Here


Lou & Russ Niccum

Cole Camp,MO-October 9th,2010

Lots going on here...we're playing a rap tune,"Wild Thing",being voiced by the bass player,Mark

Note the gal peeking in the window--and it's hard to miss the Hula-Hoops

Admirable rap drums by Greg....

Greg Schaberg


Ft. Scott,KS--October 4th,2010


Tonja's new favorite pic--



L-R: Kenny Madden,Bill Duling,Lou


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