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New Year's Eve-2010-'11 (afternoon)B.D.B-Pittsburg,KS

What?! It's midnight already?

Last song,then off to the next gig---which was at....

Roadhouse,Nevada,MO--with Marci Mitchell,et al

L-R: Marci,Mike Longhofer (Thanks for showing up,Dude!) Marlene Scotten (DJ Babe,& Redneck Woman)


One more tune,then off to.....

Jam with Timberline Band!!  (Still New Year's,still Nevada,MO)

Timberline-- L-R:Dave Robertson,Doug Harper,Larry Applegate,Dale Lipe

(Still New Year's,still Nevada,MO)

Things are gettin' a litte blurry,by now..... Time to go home!!



Pittsburg,KS- BDB @ Via Christi-Dec.10th,2010

Playing 'Crossroads' at THE Crossroads--Clarksdale,MS--Sept,2005

(Musicians reading this will get it immediately..for the non-musicians--

Blues legend has it that a man named Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil at some mysterious dirt crossroads outside of this town--

A more likely explanation is that (and thus,the song) was inspired by this more visible crossroads,

where there was more than one hopping juke joint at the time.

Now,it's just a commercial device.....and probably was back then.)



Billings,MO-Distant Kin-October 30,2010 


Ft. Scott,KS-BDB-November 1st,2010


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