Another solarized photo......

This is the outside of the window in a jail cell in

McDonald County,MO,where I spent a few days in my youth.

There was no formal charge--in fact,in retrospect,I think my father arranged to have me arrested.Long story.

Short story....I was there for a couple days alone,then another guy, that I happened to be acquainted with,was brought in.

One day,after the deputy brought our dinner,he left the cell,but failed to get the door properly locked!!

We sat there looking at the (unlocked) door until dark----then sneaked out,jumped the fence,

and went downtown to a friend's house that he knew,then sent him out to

get cheap-ass liquor,orange vodka,or the like....

We proceeded to get trashed....then,just before dawn,sneaked back to the jail.

Picture it---two drunken fools,attempting to scale a fence,trying to break into jail.

It was funny at the time,and still is...

We were never found out.



















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