Here's some stuff I've been involved in--various bands,at various times--

Your Man

Rock N Roll Hootchie Coo

When Will I Be Loved

That's Enough

Soul Man

What Was I Thinkin'

Strawberry Wine

Rock This Town

Have A Little Talk

Shotgun Blues


I Walk The Line

I Love Rock N Roll

Hick Town/Best Shot


Givin' It Up



This was a Guinness Book World Record---1,683 Guitars!!! 

I got phone calls & emails about this over a period of a couple months,or more-

First,because people saw the news blurb on CNN---then later,

VH-1 picked up the footage & used it as part of a 'Greatest Rock Songs' type show,

which ran over & over...... I figure it was my 15 minutes. The actual screen time is like 3 seconds,tops.

Of course,it would be the ONE time I was wearing a hat. I practically never wear a hat.

But I'm shown singing the opening line of the tune,so that's my consolation.

Plus--- For those 5 minutes,we were as one with all rock n' rollers,across Time and Space!

Smoke On the Water         (News blurb about the event)











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